Oops!!10 Times When Kim Kardashian Wore Almost Nothing

Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest name in fashion industry. She knows how to be in news just by doing nothing. She hardly contribute to anything but manage to be in news somehow and most of the time the reason for her being in headlines is her cleavage or her booty.

She loves to expose her skin and keep on sharing sexy and sleazy photos on social media which accelerate everyone’s heartbeat. Although there are plenty of times when Kim went off clothes and shocked everyone with her personal nude photos on social media but there are few times when she wore almost nothing at public places and made headline for it. Let’s see some of those photos.

Kim poses naked for GQ magazine and got published on its summer cover. And its quite visible that she maintained wearing as minimal as she can. Well!! This black jacket that she is holding in her hand goes off well with her looks.



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