This Dad is Winning Internet By Recreating His Daughter’s Selfies Hilariously

Internet is a funny thing. It can bring whole world so close. There is this funny dad who is going viral on Internet these days for trolling his own daughter on Instagram. He is copying his daughter and recreating her instagram selfies and results will leave you in laughter.

This guy named Chris Martin who is a comedian, checked his daughter Cassie’s instagram selfies which were apparently quite sexy just like any other teenager of these days. He didn’t choose to stop her to post but instead he found out other way. He started to recreate her selfies and shared it with her followers. And now this man has as many as double followers than Cassie.

Here are some of the funniest selfie recreations by Chris Martin.

1. This dad know how to kill it like a winner


Look at the recreation of tattoo by the dad.. He has a funny belly.


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